Highlight PR - Vision

Each of us loves stories. Since we were children.
They make us laugh, cry, dare, imagine, think, connect.
They inspire. We bond with the characters, we become part of the plot.

We believe PR is not much different.
It builds emotional connection between brands and people through meaningful stories.
And the good thing is that each person, company or brand has a great story awaiting to be told.

We are Storytellers

We are People Connectors

We are Creative Ideas Chasers

We are a Full Service Communication Agency

Doing Good is in our DNA


Communication is an integrated part of the business. We provide strategic insights for your company in terms of communication.

Brand PR
Winning consumer hearts through innovative campaigns. Create emotional connection between consumers and brands.

Employer Branding
Communicate with your potential employees. Have a pool of talents who would love to work for your company.

Digital Communication
Craft your story for digital environment. Engage with consumers on favorite platforms.


Part of Highlight Agency, a company with relevant BTL experience in the Romanian market, working with various clients from all industries and entrepreneurs.

We bring more than PR expertise: psychology – maximize understanding of consumer motivations and behavior drivers; human resources perspective – understanding the employees motivations, cross-cultural understanding – broad perspective on diversity and inclusion; purpose – we are a purpose driven business, with a commitment of doing good and build true partnerships; storytelling approach – create emotional, authentic connection between brands and people.

Oana Radu

Oana Radu

Managing Partner
Ana Tașu

Ana Tașu

Senior Communication Consultant
Diana Vuței

Diana Vuței

PR Manager